4 Star rating from Charity Navigator 2016

Dear K. Sridharan:

Today, Charity Navigator implemented a new rating system, called CN 2.1, and we are pleased to inform you that under our enhanced financial methodology, Sankara Eye Foundation, USA, has retained its 4-star rating.

After you’ve had a chance to review the attached 4-star certificate, we know you will want to inform the public of your exceptional rating, which can be found here. We offer lots of tips and ideas for spreading this good news - from a sample press release to suggested Tweets - in our 4-Star Promotional Toolkit. To further assist you in your promotional efforts, we offer a variety of 4-star charity logos, free of charge. Those logos, including print quality versions, are accessible here. Both of these links should be passed along to your resident webmaster for inclusion on your website (e.g. a place where you ask for donations). By placing a 4-star logo on your website and linking it to our rating page for Sankara Eye Foundation, USA, your givers have the ability to instantly access this unbiased and objective ratings data. You can be assured in posting this link that we will contact you before making any changes to your rating.

Please keep in mind that the usage of these logos is a privilege reserved for charities, like Sankara Eye Foundation, USA, that have received a 4-star rating. Therefore we kindly ask that you not share this link with anyone outside of your organization.

For the purpose of our own record keeping, we would greatly appreciate you letting us know if you decide to post this link on your website or if you decide to display the attached certificate. Please email me at mross@charitynavigator.org and include your charity's name and the phrase "4-Star link" in the subject heading of the email. Should you have further questions, feel free to email me or call me (201)818-1288, extension . Thank you.

Once again, congratulations on your 4-star rating from Charity Navigator!


Mariah Ross Associate Program Analyst



America's Largest Charity Evaluator