Sankara has touched many lifes, old and young.  Here are some stories.

Devaprasannaraji Gains Vision and Life

Devaprassannaraju gains vision and life:

Seven-month old Devprasannaraju of Andhra Pradesh, India, could have been like most children his age -- carefree, innocent and a joy of his parent’s life. Instead, when his mother, Rani, was seven months pregnant, she suffered from sudden high fever, which was treated by routine medication, as there did not seem to be anything out of the ordinary. As it turned out, this high fever caused Devprasannaraju to be born with extremely delicate health, and for the next ten days, he had to be kept in an incubator and on oxygen. Within two months of his birth, he was diagnosed with Congenital Rubella Syndrome (CRS) and Acyanotic Heart Disease. For the first couple of months after the diagnosis, the doctors worked hard to keep him alive. The priority was to support his little heart. When he was five months old, a pronounced white spot was visible in both his eyes and was diagnosed with congenital cataracts. Immediate surgery was advised.

After much persuasion, the parents took the baby to Sankara Eye Hospital where Dr. Mahesh, ORBIS trained Pediatric Ophthalmologist, examined the baby and informed the parents that unless surgical procedure was performed, the baby would only be able to perceive light. In addition, there was risk associated with the surgery since the child also suffered from a heart condition. The anxious parents refused the surgery but Dr. Mahesh spent considerable time with Karunakara, the little boy’s father, explaining that the importance of early treatment of cataract and the increased likelihood of better vision. After convincing the parents to help their child see the beautiful world, Dr. Mahesh conferred with the management on the economic hardships of the family and a decision was taken to offer free surgery to the little boy under the ORBIS-Sankara Pediatric Ophthalmology project. The surgery, although challenging due to the baby’s heart condition, was a success and thankfully there were no major post-operative complications. The change in Devprasannaraju was astounding. A very emotional Rani says, “For the first time he noticed the fan rotating above him and chuckled with glee. For the first time, my son has started to hold his own milk bottle and drink milk!”

Dr. Mahesh went beyond his call of duty to also consult with a heart surgeon in the Government Hospital about this boy’s case. Within a month, the child is expected to be operated free of cost under the Regional Cell for Children with Heart diseases at Government Hospital. Had the little boy, Devprasannaraju not been attended, he would have been left to destiny of misery. In his mother’s words, “We named our son as ‘Devprasannaraju’, which means God’s gift, and in spite of these medical conditions, God gave our son a ray of hope in the form of ORBIS-Sankara.”