Case Studies

Venumathy escapes social scorn

Venumathy’s mom, who was blamed for giving birth to only girl children, was afraid to reveal the truth about her daughter’s vision problems for fear of social scorn. Venumathy was slowly losing sight, and one day met with an accident when she edged closely to the pond she was playing near and toppled into the water. Luckily she was rescued. However, in doing so, the truth about her vision was revealed. The mother and father anxiously looked for hope everywhere and found it at the Sankara Eye Camp in Kalakurchi (Villipurum district).

Ramulu Manupata gains financial independence

Mr Ramulu Manupata is a 65-year-old man from Sigirpudu village of Veldurthi Mandalam, Guntur District, AP. Mr Ramulu lost his vision in his left eye due to an accident 10 years ago and is managing currently with vision in only one eye. Mr Ramulu was a daily labourer working with bamboo to make baskets and other similar products. He also received a meager government pension of Rs 200 every month to make his ends meet. However since his vision became impaired over the years he left his job and became completely dependent on his both his daughter and daughter-in-law for daily support.

Linda Musongole crosses continents to get Sankara's treatment

Linda Musongole, an orphaned Zambian girl, is a student nurse from Ndola Central Hospital who was in dire need for an eye treatment. Linda did not have any one to support her. At this stage Dr. Bharath Bhatt from Zambia came forward to help this girl. He enquired about the treatment facilities available in India, which are located in almost all major metropolitan cities. On hearing about Sankara Eye Care Institutions India and the expert services in cornea available at Sankara Eye Centre, Coimbatore, he got in touch with the CEO of Silvassa Hospital.

Devaprasannaraji Gains Vision and Life

Devaprassannaraju gains vision and life:

Baby Fernando Fights Retinoblastoma

Baby Ferdinand was born on October 9, 2009 in Medan, S umatra Island, Indonesia. His parents were ecstatic with their new first born. However within the first month Baby Ferdinand‘s paternal grandmother started to notice something familiar. Her own son had Retinoblastoma and she had noticed something whitish in one of her son’s eyes which led to the diagnosis. Her son then had his left eye enucleated some 30 years ago. Similarly she was holding her grandson one day and noticed the same symptoms that she had seen some 30 years ago.