Sankara has touched many lifes, old and young.  Here are some stories.

Linda Musongole crosses continents to get Sankara's treatment

Linda Musongole, an orphaned Zambian girl, is a student nurse from Ndola Central Hospital who was in dire need for an eye treatment. Linda did not have any one to support her. At this stage Dr. Bharath Bhatt from Zambia came forward to help this girl. He enquired about the treatment facilities available in India, which are located in almost all major metropolitan cities. On hearing about Sankara Eye Care Institutions India and the expert services in cornea available at Sankara Eye Centre, Coimbatore, he got in touch with the CEO of Silvassa Hospital. Our CEO communicated with our Director Dr. J K Reddy and Coimbatore. Linda’s case history was forwarded, analyzed, and evaluated by Dr. Reddy who agreed to perform the Corneal Transplantation on one of Linda’s eyes and C3R laser on the other. Dr. Bhatt arranged for her travel to Coimbatore, India. She waited for a week to receive a good donor cornea, and once she received one, the Corneal Transplantation was performed successfully. After a few days the other eye laser procedure was also performed. After a total stay of two weeks, Linda returned to Zambia with perfect vision.

Here is an email received from Linda from Zambia explaining her joy and happiness. Of course there are thousand “Thank You”s in that single smile of Linda. Love and service have no boundaries. Email dated 4th Nov 2011 "Hi there its now almost two months since I left Sankara, and I must say the experience I had there is one that I’ll live to remember the rest of my travel from Sankara was very safe and great though quiet tiring as might be I was very happy to be back home with my family and friends having been away for 3 weeks but at the same time I did miss my new friends from India my second home and I hope I’ll be able to revisit sometime in the future. My eyesight has greatly improved since the surgery, I returned to school immediately I got back home and by the grace of God i have managed to catch up with my school work and now at the same level as my friends the challenge still remains to work hard and pass my final exams but those are only things we can't avoid and I’m sure I'll make it with God by my side all the way, and achieve my ultimate aim to be a doctor some day and maybe even come and work a Sankara for some time 'that would be great'. Things are so much better now i can read without my glasses, i don’t have to sit right at the front of the class anymore for me to see, and i can read signs on the roads and billboards from a distance which i could not do before its a great feeling being able to do all these things that i could not do before. I say thank you to you once more and wish you only the best of many more successes for the future...Thank you very much and my regards to Dr. Reddy, and all the members of staff and students at Sankara Eye Centre as well as Dhanya Rejitth my dearest friend. Yours gratefully, Linda Musongole."