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Sankara Eye Hospital, Coimbatore

Sathy Road, Coimbatore
40,000 per year
Eye Camps: 
2000 per year
Funds to be raised: 
Hospital in Operation, Support for Maintenance & Upgrades
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Coimbatore hospital was the first one started as part of the SEF, India movement. It is also the location of SEF, India's mission headquarters. This is where all the standards of treatment and care has been set, and is one of the major training centers for all the staff for the new hospitals. Started in a very small way in 1977, today it is home to a 500 bed hospital with state of the art equipment, best-in-the industry staff, ground-breaking research, modern processes and the best care any patient could get.

The Coimbatore hospital has been setting standards which are being implemented in all our new hospitals. 

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