SEF, India

Sankara Eye Foundation, India (SEF, India)
- A service arm for the funds raised by Sankara Eye Foundation, USA.

A movement founded by Dr. R.V. Ramani and Dr. Radha Ramani in 1977, SEF, India has grown to over 1,800 beds dedicated to community eye care all over India. A team of over 1,100 committed professionals blend state of the art medical technologies and practices in community eye care with empathy to provide high-quality eye care to needy patients.

SEF, India operates many eye care programs for the needy in India such as:

  • The Sankara eye hospitals all over India
  • Sankara Eye Banks
  • Gift of Vision (Rural Outreach Program)
  • Gift of Sight, Cambodia
  • Rainbow (Preventative program for school children)
  • Sankara Academy of Vision

For more information on these programs visit the Sankara Eye Foundation, India website

Background of Sankara Eye Foundation, India:
SEF, India operates under the Sri Kanchi Kamakoti Medical Trust. Founded by Dr. R.V. Ramani and Dr. Radha Ramani in 1977, today the original small clinic in Coimbatore has grown to be the #1 FREE EYE CARE INSTITUTION in the developing world covering rural areas in India. Today, SEF, India manages 9 community eye care hospitals.