A “Thumbs-Up” from Sukanya

Sukanya, 7-year-old girl, attending a local government school suffered with bilateral cataracts since birth and only had 1/5th of the normal vision.Her parents did not even know of her condition until she was in 1st grade and her teachers kept scolding her for her lack of attention and poor grades. Her parents took her to a local doctor and heard that the cost of her surgery was more than they could afford.Then Nanna Kannu, a comprehensive Pediatric Eye Care Program from Sankara, came to her school and she was identified as needing surgery. She was referred to the base hospital for an evaluation and within a week, Sukanya had her right eye operated on. She admits being very scared but is anxious to have her left eye “fixed” as well. When asked what she thought of having surgery, Sukanya gave us a “thumbs up”.