The Hospital:

Kalyanam Karoti, Mathura (KKM) is a charitable organization focused on improving the quality of life for the disabled and marginalized community in India through affordable and accessible treatment, education, surgery, and rehabilitation.

KKM started its charitable eye hospital "Shree JeeBaba ChikitsaaSansthan" in 1996. Apart from eye hospital KKM has many other operations, including orthopedic& prosthetics center and a school for pupils with learning disabilities and hearing impaired.

KKM’s focus has been on providing free eye surgeries to the indigent with a 90:10 ratio of free: paid cataract surgeries, rather than financial self-sustenance for its operations. However, there has been a growing realization of their inability to rely on external donations and therefore they are moving to a more balanced approach. KKM has a fixed outreach camp model with 20+ monthly camps organized at pre-determined locations.

Key Facts:

Hospital Location Beds (Free) Surgeries (Free) 2019-20 Beds (Paid) Surgeries (Paid) 2019-20
Madhura 75 13,953 6 1,467


Shri Sunil Kumar Sharma


Mr. Sharma associated with charity from a young age when studying in the Karnal, Haryana. His journey in the social sector began when conducing a camp at KalyanamKaroti in Lucknow where he met its general secretary, Late Mr. Vimal Sharma. He remains active in his charitable endeavors, actively leading KalyanamKaroti Mathura, and other charitable institutions in the area.

Dr. Yogesh Agrawal

Senior Ophthalmologist

Dr. Agarwal is one of the main surgeons conducting SICS procedures. He is a prolific surgeon with a record of over a million surgeries with particularly good results and has been instrumental in building an excellent reputation for the institution in the Mathura area and its service area vicinity.

Association with SEF, USA:

KKM is a new partner hospital for SEF USA,on-board during 2019-20 with an initial funding tranche for 1,000 surgeries, followed by 2 additional disbursements, totaling to a funding for 6,000 free surgeries. Of these about 5,000 free cataract surgeries have been allocated to SEF, USA during FY 2019-20. We realized that KKM has a database of patients in need of surgeries, but were unable to provide services due to lack of funding, rather than a lack of capacity or manpower constraints.

KKM has more potential for growth in providing eye care services, without any major capital funding requirements. Having grown from 400 to 1,500 paid surgeries over a 3-year period.

KKM plans to continue developing their paid surgery practice that will put them on a path of financial self-sustained operations over a 5-year time frame. KKM plans to bridge this period with a more concerted effort towards expanding their donor base to help with ongoing operating expenses.

Contact Information

Kalyanam Karoti
KalyanDham, Masani Delhi Link Road,
SaraswatiKund, Mathura, UP