Uttar Pradesh
Inaugurated 2014

As of November, 2019 :
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  • Most Populated State in India (>190 million)
  • 1.8 million are fully or partially blind
  • Nearly 80% of them are curable

Sankara Eye Hospital, Kanpur, Uttar Pradesh on 2.8 acres of land was inaugurated on October 12th, 2014 in the presence of Sankaracharya of Kanchi. Forty high school graduate girls from around Kanpur were recruited to be trained as Vision Care Technicians.

We are thankful to the community for their generous support of $4.4 million that helped us complete the hospital. We will need support for ongoing operations until the hospital becomes self-sufficient. With 9,000 free eye surgeries to its credit, the team is confident of reaching the service levels that hospitals in Guntur and Coimbatore have achieved. Various community organizations helped us in this project, especially UPMA (Uttar Pradesh Mandal of America).

Supporting Organizations

Uttar Pradesh Mandal of North America (UPMA)

Contact Information

Sankara Eye Hospital, Kanpur
Village Panau Purwa, Amiliha,
Post Tatyaganj,
Kanpur Nagar- 209217
E-mail: [email protected]